Commercial Validation

MAP extends its support to high-potential late stage start-ups to build credibility for adoption. Start-ups require systematic commercial and operational evidence for their innovative products and services to de-risk procurers (hospitals, other healthcare facilities etc.) and enable smoother market adoption. MAP has developed a network of partners, each bringing validation expertise across various fields, who will support start-ups in identifying the biggest evidence related gaps that cause a hindrance in their marketability and scalability, and support them in bridging such gaps by designing a holistic study that addresses multiple market segments and multiple gaps

Identifying gaps in evidence:
  • MAP network partners will conduct a careful analysis of a technology’s value proposition, results from past pilot studies, customer feedback, business models etc. and identify the evidence gaps that prevent marketability and scalability. Holistic studies can then be designed to fill the identified evidence gaps.

Conducting the study:
  • MAP will support start-ups in identifying appropriate test facilities for conducting validation studies in a credible manner

Financing the study:
  • Each pilot study is associated with some financial implications which can be source of strain for the start-ups. MAP will facilitate connections for start-ups with financing organizations to unlock funding opportunities.

Technical Partners

Identifying critical evidence to help enable procurement and scaling of a start-up’s solutions

Holistic studies that go beyond just clinical fit, and explore all aspects of commercial and operational adoption of an innovation, such as efficiency, cost effectiveness, clinical integration etc.

Advisory support for ensuring quality adherence in products and validation protocols, development and deployment, and scaling up of the innovation

Validation support and other technical assistance to start-ups, including design, test site selection, legal and regulatory procedures etc.


MAP has curated a panel of experts with varied backgrounds to provide start-ups with actionable recommendations based on decades of experience, aimed specifically at commercialization and scaling in hospitals.

A robust, integrated go-to-market strategy can be the key difference between companies that succeed and companies that face existential challenges. Our experts are committed to working with start-ups to understand their challenges, and provide actionable insights to ensure product-market fit, a sound go-to-market strategy, good business and operational models etc., enabling overall development and growth of the start-ups along with enhanced quality of their product and technology. They will also help start-ups foster relationships with relevant stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Advisory process
  • Match each start-up with a set of experts, carefully selected to cover various knowledge areas, to provide advice on the start-up’s specific issues and business decisions
  • Enable periodic check-ins for start-ups and experts through a mutually suitable engagement framework.
  • Organize workshops and interactive sessions with internal and external experts to guide start-ups around systemic gaps that exist in the ecosystem.
  • Facilitate regular monitoring and feedback sessions for tracking the progress of the start-ups

Greater operational and commercial clarity, and an ability to capitalize on growth opportunities

Effective navigation through ecosystem challenges, and better utilization of available resources

Strong network connections with experts and industry veterans

Financial Facilitation

For start-ups to find the right financing-fit for their specific requirements, MAP will play a role in facilitating connections with a network of funding organizations and institutions with a proven history of providing innovative and mainstream financing.

Ready access to such financing will ensure that start-ups have the required capital for conducting commercial validation studies rapidly and effectively with experienced partners in the validation studies space, without experiencing debilitating financial strain.

To enable financing opportunities for start-ups, especially in the commercial validation and early market entry phase, MAP will:

  • Identify the financing priorities of late stage MAP start-ups based on their trajectory of commercialization, market entry, and scale-up.
  • Facilitate connections with relevant institutions in MAP network to unlock possible funding opportunities for late stage start-ups.
  • Monitor the partner mix and financial instruments in successful instances of start-up financing, to provide systematic insights for future start-ups

Analysis of funding needs for market entry and early growth of promising innovations, and evaluation of potential funding opportunities through blended financing methods

Exposure to network of innovative financing organizations and bespoke funding opportunities

Facilitation of contextual funding opportunities for commercial validation studies, market access and growth needs

Data Intelligence & Market Support

MAP aims to facilitate the adoption of innovations, by tackling various challenges to procurement:

  • Finding the right market: MAP will provide actionable insights to start-ups, enabling them to better identify the right market for their product/services. This will enable the start-ups to focus on relevant market geographies and healthcare providers.
  • Reaching the private sector: MAP is bringing together leading healthcare manufacturers and distributors, who are committed to helping start-ups grow faster in the private sector by giving them an opportunity to work with their pre-existing networks and manufacturing facilities.
  • Seamless and faster onboarding on GeM: MAP has collaborated with Government e-Marketplace (GeM) to create an improved mechanism for onboarding start-ups on its platform, accelerating the time to registration and providing all relevant information to enable easier purchasing by interested public healthcare organizations.
  • Coordination with States and hospitals: Through a streamlined communication pathway with PM-JAY empanelled hospitals and State authorities, MAP will disseminate information about innovative solutions and their impact to PM-JAY’s network of public and private hospitals, to bridge information asymmetry and encourage innovation adoption across the country.

Reduced friction for scaling and easier pathway for adoption in public and private healthcare facilities

Greater procurement of innovative and modern product/services in our healthcare system

Increased financial and operational stability in handling increased demand, through access to manufacturers and distributors

For the healthcare system, a reliable mechanism for identifying and adopting relevant innovations that have positive impact on their operations and service delivery